Touchy Words - Android Word Game

Touchy Words is mix of Scrabble, Deep Leap and Shuffled Row with a fun touch screen interface. You have to come up with as many words as possible with 64 letters. The longer the words the more points it gets.

In each game you are given 64 tiles. Each tile is a letter and you have write words using them. When you have found a word, the tiles disappear and leave room for more.

The letters come one by one in a row. A timer is started when a new letter appears. When the time is up, you are given a new letter. Once the row reaches 9 letters, each new one will replace the oldest one. It means you have limited time to come up with a word.

The score system is based on the points of each letters and the length of the word. Words of length 4 are multiplied by 2 and the longer the word, the higher the multiplier.


  • You get 64 letters per game.
  • The word are checked against a dictionary of more than 60 000 words. Words have a lenght of 9 characters max.
  • Proper noun are not authorized
  • Each time a letter appears, a counter is started. The lenght of the counter is based on the number of letters in the row. A letter can stay up to 10 seconds.
  • The word accuracy in the high score screen indicates how often the words you enter exist. An accuracy of 100% means you have never entered a word that's not in the game's dictionary.

How scores work

Each letter is worth a certain number of points. That number is written below the letter. The value of the word is the sum of the points of each letter times the multiplier. A multiplier is applied to long words. A word of length 4 is multiplied by 2 (length 5 = x3, length 6 = x4, length 7 = x5, length 8 = x6, length 8 = x7).

For example, the word CARS is (2 + 1 + 1 + 1) * 2 = 10 points

You can get extra points if you come up with words of 5 or more letters in a row. The bonus you get is the size of the word times the numbers of words in the chain minus 1.

For example, your first word is MONTH (5 letters) and then you enter HOUSES (6 letters), you'll get a 6 * 1 points bonus. If your third word is HOMES (5 letters), you'll get a bonus of 5 * 2 = 10 points

Other bonuses
If you finish a game with an empty row, you get a 10 points bonus.

Release notes

View the most recent changes on the "What's new" tab on the Market page.

Version 1.0

  • Game engine
  • High score system

About Us

After playing Shuffled Row on the Kindle for 2 weeks, I was sad to discover no games of this type were available on my phone. That's when I decided to build this game.

Touchy Words is my first Android Game and it's built using the wonderful Scala programming language. I have previously worked on some Java games for Gameloft a few years ago. Programming this game was a lot more fun. The Android environment is a pleasure to work with.

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